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2012 Retail Catalog
Pro-Cut P2X Leaf Trimmer
MSRP: $1999.95
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Don't spend hours raking leaves when the Pro-Cut P2X leaf trimmer can tear through those piles in no time at all. Saves you valuable time and money. Effective, economical and very quiet! It separates excess leaves and twigs from a variety of plants and flowers. The Pro-Cut P2X trims plants and small bushes such as oregano, basil, rosemary, mint, lavender, coriander and parsley, used in the preparation of essential oils, aromatherapy and mixed flowers for potpourri. Also available, replacement parts for your Pro-Cut. See all other members of the Pro-Cut family. Made in Canada.

Adjustable blade height
Sealed bearing assembly
Long lasting rubber tongues
Heavy duty direct drive motor
Stainless steel construction
Safe, quiet and easy to use
"Fill and Spill" leaf recovery
High productivity, twice as big as the FAST!
Laser cut grill

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